Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

Big Bang is an expansion of universe, that is thought to start from a singular point according to Einsteins general theory of relativity inspit of having complexity on singularity conception of physics. How was our universe at the initial state of Big Bang? The universe was a hot and dense state. Once the hot and […]

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Black Hole Information paradox

Black hole information paradox says that there have a possibility of creating a new universe after disappearing of one universe from one side of black hole results in emerging of new child universe from the other side of Black Hole. The traditional conception about black hole does not comply with the laws of physics in […]

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Symmetry physics

  Introduction of symmetry physics Symmetry is an important part of physics that leads the originating conception of universe. Michel Ramsey-Musolf, Director of Amherst Center for Fundamental Interaction believes that in order to understand ourselves and our place in cosmos, it is more important of understanding of our origin, origin of universe as well as […]

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Theory of everything

Introduction of theory of everything Theory of everything is just a conception and hopeful topics of physics to establish. But till now such kind of theory is not discovered. But only given a name that is theory of everything. theory of everything is a conceptual basis of physics that says once just a one unique […]

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Quantum field theorem

Introduction of quantum field theorem In particle physics quantum field theorem is a mathematical and conceptual term. Due to a large-scale of limitation of quantum mechanics to explain different phenomenon of thysics.In generally to say, quantum field theory is a next and expanded form of quantum mechanics that can give some degree of explanation of […]

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Standard model of particle physics

Introduction of standard model Standard model in particle physics is the most powerful building block of modern physics and it is thought that the modern physics is based on three framework, standard model, quantum field theorem, general theory of relativity. In order to filling the gaps in physics that was still unsolved by quantum field […]

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Originally posted on scientificlove:
The plasma is an interesting topics in physics, chemistry and cosmology. In visual sense from our earth we may familiar with different states of matter in universe. In a general view in our earth we may claim about solid, liquid and gas are the states of matter that we find in…

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