Big Bang

Big bang is an expansion of universe. It should be remember that it is not explosion.

Once during the supernovae period our universe started to expand from a singular point. This expansion is termed as Big Bang. Expansion of universe from a singular point is termed as conception of singularity.

According to hubbles theory, the conception of Big Bang is found. Scientist Hubble first explain about getting distence conception. Hubble experiment shows that everything in our universe is getting distence. Once in our earth every subcontinent were congested. Each were alltogather. With the propagation of time subcontinent started to apart from each other.

From a hot and dense state our universe was started to expand.

What was the innitial stage of big bang? After three minute of big bang first nucleus of universe was formed. Before forming of nucleus there were a state of energy. In that time the fundamental interaction were exists.

Forming of nucleus happend by rapid cooling of the states. Einsteins mass energy transformation equation says about how mass can transform into energy. Reversively, it also can explain how energy can form matter. Our universe is nothing but a mixture of energy and matter and every mater is a result of energy transformation into matter.