Cosmology is a very interesting topics of science students and researchers. specially cosmology covers a wide variety of study including physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. At first Pythagorous use the word cosmos instead of universe. There have a wide range of research option in cosmology. In a simple word cosmology means a scientific study concerned with cosmos. The study from creation of universe to Destruction of universe is a topics of cosmology. the Big Bang theory explained how our universe is created from a singular point through a continuous expansion. Cosmology describes the states before the Big Bang, after the Big Bang, existing states of the universe, future of our universe. Not only that the Destruction of universe is also a topics of cosmology study. A new interesting topics of cosmology is Black hole. Though there have a lot of debate on Black hole. But yet Black hole remains a mysterious in astrophysics. There have been emerged a new division in cosmology, that is Astrobiology. It describes the life outside from our earth. you may know about Alien. To find the Alien outside from our earth is became a challenge of human. Cosmology also explains the Origin of life in universe, from where life is originated and what should be the destiny of life.

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