It is a very important topics is that everyone have an intuition to know about life. what is life and from where life is originated. different scientific study and research from long time before tried to know about the origin of life. not only that scientists are very aggressive to know about the destiny of life. life can explain in terms of biological contest and even in terms of physics theorem. now in modern era of science biology is getting to merging with physical science. Cosmology is becoming a very important part in the study of life. In outside of earth region the existency of life that we termed as alien, gives us to think about life with a parameter. Just think about that starting from universe. Is life was exist at the initial state of big bang? Our universe start from big bang from a singular point that is called singularity. The conception of singularity is emerged from the Einsteins general theory of relativity. It was believed that the first nucleus of universe was created after three minute of big bang. From the passage of time the universe get abundance of other element including carbon. The existing life in universe is on the basis of carbon. Amino acid is the smaller unit of living organism. carbon is the element that forms amino acid. It is thought that the life in earth is carbon based. But this carbon basement have somewhat nature of relativity. In different study the it is also found life of silicone based. Not only that from scientists view it is also found the evolution of life. Cosmic life transformation into artificial intelligences became a new hot topics of astrobiology. It is not very far time from us that we are getting to find news about such kinds of life that is not as like as us in earth. The alien life may be found in different format. It may not based on carbon. Some scientists guessed such life will be artificial intelligence. If the life become artificial intelligence in nearby future the probability of base of life to happen on silicone. Because from all of the available element that human have discovered, silicone have high capability of host intelligences. As we know that once a day will come when life will be super intelligent in cosmos. If we believe on evolution then it is not very hard and difficult to believe about the evolution of the intelligences. If animals body develops by evolution and adaption, why it is not possible of evolution of intelligence. To cope with the environment and climate once a day an amphibian turns itself into reptile. The study on the origin of dinosaurs shows us how an amphibian turned into dinosaurs. Not only that a few scientists also believes that dinosaurs are till now exists in our earth with a new format. Birds are thought as the adapted form of dinosaurs.

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