The plasma is an interesting topics in physics, chemistry and cosmology. In visual sense from our earth we may familiar with different states of matter in universe. In a general view in our earth we may claim about solid, liquid and gas are the states of matter that we find in earth. But a fourth state of matter that have been discovered already that is termed as plasma state of matter. The word plasma has come from the Greek language. Plasma means anything formed. Very wonderful things is that it is considered that about 99 percentage of universe is formed with plasma. Plasma is the more abundance state of universe than solid, liquid and gas. What is plasma? Actually, plasma is defined as the ionized gaseous state of matter that is significantly concerned with the temperature. It is thought that the sunlight which is an electromagnetic radiation is produces in the plasma state of sun with a complex mechanism. If we think about our four state of matter we find temperature have a significant relationship to drive each states of matter into another states of matter. Solid is more dense and coolest form of matter, Liquid is less dense. Take an iron rod and start to heating it, once it will be melt. Temperature is driving solid state to liquid state in this case. Temperature transforms an ice into water, then water into vapor. These are the evidence of gradual transformation of one states of matter into another states of matter. The gradually increasing of matters property to the plasma level increases the intensity of producing electromagnetic radiation. Incandescence is a process by which a matter emit light radiation. How a hot iron sheet radiate light is an incandescence process. At first Sir William crook a British scientist gives an idea about the fourth state of matter. American chemist Langmuir named this fourth state as Plasma. In plasma there have same number of positively charges and negatively charges exists. The charged condition enables plasma to became electrically conductive. Though plasma is an Ionized gaseous state, it have a significant difference from the general gas that is unlike other gaseous state, unless putting it into a container it shows no specific shape and volume. It is also thought that plasma is condition where positively and negatively charged particle is unbounded. But it is really true that the oppositely charged particles are not completely free. Though, the charged particles moving generate electric current and magnetic field, hence it is difficult to say that charged particles are not free. Once Big Bang started from the singular point and the existing universe is result of the continuous expansion of universe. Stars and galaxies all are the smaller element of the universe. From hot and dense state the coolest states are obtaining continuously. The earth is a coolest element of the universe. 99 % of universe is formed with plasma.

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