Quantum field theorem

Introduction of quantum field theorem

In particle physics quantum field theorem is a mathematical and conceptual term. Due to a large-scale of limitation of quantum mechanics to explain different phenomenon of thysics.In generally to say, quantum field theory is a next and expanded form of quantum mechanics that can give some degree of explanation of physics. It is very difficult to give an accurate definition of quantum field theory for the reason of having a lot of contradictory theory in physics. But it is possible to give most approximately acceptable explanation including achievement and drawbacks.

Diversity of quantum field theorem

Quantum field theory have a wide diversified characteristics. There have a certain cause of the diversity of quantum field theorem. Quantum field theorem is a one kind of theory in physics that have a complex story of growing up as well as a complex way. Another problem in quantum field theory is that till now any clear spectrum evidence is not found concerned with quantum field theorem, hence the interpretation of quantum field theorem is very difficult and obscure.

Quantum field theorem and another law of physics

An indescribable relationship of quantum field theory with other theory in physics is important. Quantum field theory have a close connection with classical electrodynamics, special theory of relativity, solid state physics and statistical physics. But explanation of relationship of these term of physics with quantum field theorem can not describe step by step.

Quantum mechanics vs quantum field theorem

When quantum mechanics fails to deal with different terms of physics, therefore, quantum field theorem can make a probable solution of the terms that is already failed to dealing with quantum mechanics. Just for example, electromagnetic field is such kinds of phenomenon that can not accurately deals by quantum mechanics. But quantum field theorem can easily deals this phenomenon. Because only quantum field theorem can explain particle and field in a one unique framework.

For an extraordinary characteristics of quantum field theorem few scientists thought quantum field theorem as a powerful reconciliation of quantum mechanics and special theory of relativity.

There have a certain cause of neglecting quantum mechanics as an appropriate method in electromagnetism
this is for the cause of that electromagnetism is concerned with electrodynamics by which the speed of light is described, is relativistically invariant. hence, it is not compatible with quantum mechanics The scattering also does not alow quantum mechanics as the method of appropriate explanation.

Benefits of quantum field theorem

Quantum field theorem have a wide range of beneficial effect on physics. Quantum field theorem already became a major research topics of physicists and philosophies. The incomplete steps of quantum mechanics are about to complete as possible as by using quantum field theorem introduces a new era in physics study. In particle physics quantum field theorem became more important. The accelerating of particles most probably at speed of light gives an opportunity to accept quantum field theorem. Because, for such kinds of acceleration of particles does not allow to neglect relativistic effect.

To describe a system with infinite number of degrees of freedom quantum field theorem is very important.

Malament, in his No-go theory explains that in a single particle, quantum mechanics and locality principle of special theory of relativity is consonants with each other. Quantum field theory is exactly a beautiful merging of quantum mechanics and special theory of relativity of Albert Einstein. Quantum field theorem is provide scientists an authentic way of successful implementation of standard model in particle physics. With the advancement of physics there need an importance of a framework of unified interaction that is known as grand unification theorem. The conception of grand unification theorem is based on quantum field theorem.

Limitation of quantum field theorem

Though,unlike standard model in particle physics,  general theory of relativity and quantum field theorem, both are considered as the powerful basis of modern physics, yet both of two faces a unique problem that is these two theories are mutually incompatible.  In a same case of phenomenon quantum field theorem and general theory of relativity may be incorrect to use simultaneously.

In terms of black hole a noticeable conflict is found that shows the incompatibility of general theory of relativity and quantum field theorem. Exactly the incompatibility between these theorem are found clearly in a small-scale region and high mass.

Due to having incompleteness of quantum field theorem and general theory of relativity, scientists of modern physics tries to discover a new framework by integrating these theories in order to explain all of the phenomena of physics by a unique theorem. Hence, the emergence of theory of everything is happened.



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