Theory of everything

Introduction of theory of everything

Theory of everything is just a conception and hopeful topics of physics to establish. But till now such kind of theory is not discovered. But only given a name that is theory of everything. theory of everything is a conceptual basis of physics that says once just a one unique principle will be established that will able to define all of the phenomenon of physics. The research on theory of everything is just an approach of unifying all of the physical law in a one single scheme. It is not clear that when such theory will be established, but scientists are hopeful in this matter that it is not quite impossible. It is quite possible to develop such kinds of theorem that will draw an end of physics theorem into a one unified theorem.

Possibility of establishing theory of everything

That is to explain philosophically, that establishment of theory of everything is possible. With the advancement of physics different complex terms are getting into unique and simpler term to explain. Everything of the universe is came from a singular point  according to general theory of relativity. Different science are starting to merging with each other. Once a time was exist when life science or biology was completely separated with physics, only accepting few physiological process to happen with few rules of physics. But emergence of modern conception of physics, few scientists are starting to think that the life and origin of life may be concentrated into physics law. Not only that It is also thought that once a day may come when life may be in different format. Cosmic life transformation into artificial intelligences may not very far from us. Even, It may be very near future from now. When biological science is getting to merging with physics, which is happening visually, then we can never ignore the probability of finding a unified theory that can explain all of the law of physics.

Theory of everything

Theory of everything is a hypothetical theorem for all aspects and theorem of universe that will make a link with other all aspects and theorem. It is a theoretical framework for explaining all of the physical aspects. The realisation of theory of everything is started after establishing of general theory of relativity and quantum field theorem. Both two theories are found with an extraordinary feature, that is all of the phenomenon, except a few unsolved problem, are totally dependable with two theories. Both two theories, general theory of relativity and quantum field theorem became the foundation of modern physics.

Though both of two theories, general theory of relativity and quantum field theorem have a wide-spread place in physics, these have limitation in some case. These are mutually incompatible. Both of these theories should not be simultaneously correct. If one is correct for a one framework, another should not be correct. Again the application of general theory of relativity is not similar with the application of quantum field theorem.

The basic difference and incompatibility of general theory of relativity and quantum field theorem are found in the following cases.

General theory of relativity is concerned with the gravitational force and quantum field theorem is focusses to the non gravitational force. The examples of the non gravitational force are electroweak force, strong force and electromagnetic force.  general theory of relativity is concerned with large-scale and low mass. on the other hand quantum field theorem is concerned with in region of small-scale and low mass.

A step of advancement of reaching into a unique theorem was performed by quantum field theorem. Quantum field theorem provided a wide opportunity to implement standard model of particle physics and established a unification theorem which is called grand unification theorem.

To overcoming problem emerged in terms of quantum field theorem and general theory of relativity, there realised a unique theory, may be anyway or by integrating quantum field theorem and general theory of relativity that can able to describe all of the phenomena of universe.

Feature of theory of everything

since, theory of everything is till now a hypothetical and in some case philosophical theorem, it is very difficult to give a complete feature of theory of everything. If it became possible to establish a unique ans single theorem for all phenomena of universe, what feature it should be,may be very difficult, but it should be guess and imagine by considering the term of quantum field theorem, general theory of relativity, standard model of particle physics, grand unification theorem, quantum gravity as well as string theory.

String theory is nothing but just a unification theory of four fundamental force. String theory unified these four fundamental force of universe into a single force. If we return back to the past time and looks at the beginning stage of universe we find that once everything was in a single format. Four existing fundamental force are created from a single force.

In physics of symmetry, it is thought that with a symmetry breakdown in a spontaneous process from a single force, four fundamental force of universe is emerged.

string theory also says that in microscopic level, every particles are a combination of  vibrating string with prefered pattern of vibration.


11 thoughts on “Theory of everything

  1. It is actually very rare to see blog like yours… keep up the great. By the way thanks for your follow… Hope you read my posts and know that iam a science guy too…;)


  2. actually theory of everything gives us a medium to understand about How , when , what , which , where the world started..i went through a book last year which was based on Theory Of Everything..Your post is cool too…

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  3. An interesting post. Personally I have never viewed the ToE as hypothetical, since if there is no unified theorem governing the universe chaos rules – and everything, from the sub-atomic structure to the mapping of nebula on the grandest of scales shows order. For me, it is when not if.


    1. there never has been any evidence…people went from theory to law without legitimate justification…they had a few bones that were mismatched on purpose, and this fraud was continued. people believe what they want, no proof needed


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