Symmetry physics

Introduction of symmetry physics

Symmetry is an important part of physics that leads the originating conception of universe. Michel Ramsey-Musolf, Director of Amherst Center for Fundamental Interaction believes that in order to understand ourselves and our place in cosmos, it is more important of understanding of our origin, origin of universe as well as origin of life. This theory leads us to think about the initial state of the universe before the big bang.

Jonathan Feng, a researcher of University of California, Big bang is a time of everything of moving fast and colliding. But after understanding of the definition of big bang a question emerged. In which process everything happened?

Modern physics says that this process was the symmetry breakdown and till now it is on going.


Symmetry is a physical and mathematical context concerned with all biological and non biological matter and energy in universe. In generally symmetry is defined as something same in different position and state. Any transition of matter and energy into another state and matter with unchanged is termed as symmetry. But if in such kinds of transition happen in a changed state is termed as symmetry breakdown.

In order to explain symmetry first we have to understand about a mathematical term that is called normal distribution.

Normal distribution

normal distribution is a statistical distribution where every element distribute normally in both side. In our visual sense we may find the example of normal distribution surrounding ourselves. Just from a small Butterfly to big universe, everywhere we may search the phenomenon where we can find the examples of normal distribution that we provide a wide range of idea of symmetry.

A body of a butterfly may divide into two parts in a way that each part will contain the same amount of element. As same as Butterfly, our body also show this. Hence it is easily can say that each organ of butterfly distributed normally into left and right side.

A cricket ball If cut off in such a way that each part will contain the same amount of element, that it should say that each element was distributed normally. Hence, it is a symmetric substance.

Take some amount of grains and allow these to fall into ground. Very wonder you may find they are distributing on ground in a normal distribution.

Normal distribution of matter and energies provides a symmetric structure. Normal distribution means each of the elements are distributed equally in every side. The wings of butterfly distributed normally in both side. Hence, wings of butterfly can take as an example of normal distribution.

An approximate diagram of normal distribution

The physics of symmetry

With the development of modern physics, scientists are tends to concentrate most of the physics phenomenon into symmetry study. The conception of entire universe is exactly a result of symmetry breakdown. The study from the origin of the universe shows us the symmetric structure, from where our existing universe is emerged. During big bang period the state was approximately pure symmetric. With the traveling of time through a symmetry breakdown process the universe got the complex form.

If we return back toward past from now, we forward back to the pure symmetry. The spherical symmetric structure of the universe gives an idea to scientists that we are continuously going to the super symmetry structure.

In the study of physics of time we find a phenomenon that is called space time. The space time is an example of symmetric structure that we find everywhere surrounding us. Visually we find the symmetric structure in animal’s body. In most of the animal’s body shows left and right symmetry. Butterfly and Human body is the proper illustration of such kinds of symmetry. In animals world different structures of symmetry is also available.

The wave and radiation also shows symmetry. Electromagnetic radiation is a one type of symmetric structure that emerged from another type of symmetry breakdown. Scientists believes that electroweak force transforms into two forces by a proper symmetry breakdown. One is electromagnetism and another is weak force.

Characteristics of the symmetry

A symmetric object In generally can explain with lower information than a non symmetric object. Hence, It is clear that symmetry breakdown produces the complex form of matter or energy. Just think water and snowflakes. Snowflakes are the transformed structure of water. Water is more perfectly symmetrical than the snowflakes. Describing the dimension of water is easier than the snowflakes.

Symmetry in music

The knowledge of symmetry in music science is very important. A rhythm of music is nothing but a result of  symmetry breakdown. The musical instrument transforms tone into tune. This process of changing wavelength of any specific wavelength of sound is called tuning. In terms of physics of music is a patterned and structured sound that have harmony and repetition. By a tuning process musical instrument changes the wavelength of sounds and produce a structured patterned of sound with harmony and repetition.



3 thoughts on “Symmetry physics

  1. I like working with mirror utilities, in combination with gradients to produce depth and dimention… The resulting ornament is merly to become part of another 3 dimentional scene. Since I know for myself that symmetry has an infinate amount of possible reconstructions, it sounds perfectly plausible to me that the universe is still changing in symmetry, yet remains interconnected. Thank you for a brilliant post! It made me think: something rare and exceptional in my case. Out of my case I’m different though :O)


  2. I just listened to some lectures on Socrates and Plato. Plato had identified some very profound concepts of “ultimate reality”, a sub branch of philosophy called ontology. So the question is, which came first, math or matter? It would seem like matter existing without any kind of molecular structure would not permit the universe as it is. Conversely, if we had structure without substance, structure would have no purpose. Furthermore, Plato’s brilliant apprentice pioneered the revolutionary concept of “the unmoved mover”. Some have taken this to prove that God must have created the universe, but I am not sure we can make that claim. Awesome post! I’ll look forward to more!


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