Black hole information paradox says that there have a possibility of creating a new universe after disappearing of one universe from one side of black hole results in emerging of new child universe from the other side of Black Hole.

The traditional conception about black hole does not comply with the laws of physics in terms of matter and energy. Black Hole is defined as such region in universe that sucks everything, matter and energy. Nothing can escape from it. Even light and radiation everything is sucked by Black hole.

But, the law of physics says that particle and energy can never destroy forever. Nothing will disappear forever.

If it is true that nothing will disappear forever, then what happens in black hole that leads matter and energy to disappear?

Black hole information paradox can give a solution. Every sucked matter or energy by Black hole may displaced as information code and stored into event horizon of black hole. Event horizon releases these information as Hawking radiation.

Hawking radiation is energy releasing from Black hole through event horizon. Black Hole Information says Hawking radiation is nothing but only a transformed form of information stored in event horizon after sucking up of matter and energy by Black Hole.

Hence, there have a possibility of build up of new universe after sucking up of one universe from the other side of black hole.