Music is a science as well as arts


Music is a rhythmic sound with harmony and a structural pattern. With the development of theoretical and applied science, the conception of music is changes over time. Though, once music was considered only as an art and creativity, but now musician all over the world do not consider music only as an art and creativity.

Rather, music is considered as art and science.

Without a proper implementation of science, music can not turned into its original feature.

Why we can say music is a complex science.

Music is nothing but a study of physics of sound. Physics of music says that music is an applied form of physics. Music is a part of arts else.

The parts of physics that deals with music and composing of music is called musical acoustic or acoustic physics.

Science of musical acoustic physics gives an idea how musical instrument turns sound into nice music. Acoustics physics mainly focusses on the musical instrument and sound physics.

We can not say each sound as music. Each sound will not same interesting to us. A sound of wood chopping may not very interesting to us, even not same pleasure as a music.

You have ever heard about the term tone and tune. Both of two are not same in meaning. But both two are sound in normal sense. In terms of musical context, Tone and tune are different. Tone is not the elements of music. Tone can not create music. But tune can create music. Tone is transform into tune using musical instrument.


Besides of physics role in music, there have psychological and biological impacts on music. Scientists have proves very scientific way different types of music gives pleasure differently with increasing of endorphin level in body.

Music have a mathematical role. Mathematics of music science shows the mathematical role on music.

One of the most common biological role of music is scientifically creating dance. Do you know how music makes a people to dance. Music and dance are interrelated. Different types of musical pattern makes people to dance differently.


7 thoughts on “Music is a science as well as arts

  1. Good points all. Add the concepts of symmetry, philosophy and algebraic dimensions and you’re almost up to one one hundredth of the the scope of the topic. Perhaps even one one-thousandth. I say this because music as art and science, when enhanced by the invisible aspects of what makes us human, results in a language that spans generations, nations and every other “segmentation” of the human dynamic across all of the studies. Anthropology. History. Science. Philosophy, Spirituality. Religion. Even faith itself. Language. Math. Worship. Health and wellness. Even diet. All are found with the scope of the ripples in the pond of music, in one way or another. The overlap is incredible. Music also is akin to architecture, in that choreography is akin to a blueprint, even if the music is a Capella or Symphonic in nature. But even with all of this we view just the spoonful of the tip of the iceberg, mountain, et al.

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    1. All so well said – Bravo ! That’s why Music, with all the physics of sound played out through melodies, rhythms,& beats, harmonies & counterpoints especially Classical music can express and communicate our innermost or loftiest sentiments, thoughts and aspirations in a most effective manner as no other art forms. And how about music as health giving /restoring therapy ?

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      1. Glad to read your reply. Our thought dovetail well. If I were going to try to sum up all of the above concisely, it would be to say, as many have said, that music showcases everything that makes us human.

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  2. It is certainly true that physical acoustics, musical form and music theory are present here, but what compels us to the complex psychological nuances often associated with music? You mention psychology here, but in a purely scientific state. What about the connection that music has with the human soul? How is it that music ‘moves’ us? There is perhaps something deep inside of our metaphysical beings that finds the rhythms that others create as lovely, beautiful, creative, or expressive that cannot be found in raw nature. Music may be composed of acoustic waveform frequencies, but it’s powerful impact is on the ears of those who appreciate the creative source it came from…

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