Musical pattern changes with the changing of region and country

Music is nothing but a systematic and structured format of sound. A wide range of scientific role concerned with an effective music.

What is an effective music?

Not every music is very wise to say effective. Each of the music may not equally effective. An effective music is acceptable to a wide range of audience.

Science, arts, culture, economy, social structure are the most common factors for an effective music.

With the changing of geography Peoples culture also changes. Social structure, social ethics changes smoothly.

Changing of everything impacts on musical patterns.

Geographical relationship of music is well-known from a long time ago. The structure of japanese music is not as same as American music. Indian music, Arabian music is also so far different in structures.

We know music is a science as well as arts. Science of musical acoustics express the wide theme on music that, why we can say music is a term of science.

Musical acoustic is the study of music and musical instrument in order to produce a good music.

With the changes of social, cultural and economical condition the musicians musical instruments also changes.

Tone and tune have important scientific difference. Only view of musical instrument is converting tone into tune. With the changing of musical instrument structure of tune is also changes.

Another psychological facts is that the acceptance of music by audience is also depends on the audiences cultural view, social view and others.


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