Hair decoloration


It is our basic need to maintain our hair natural in shape and natural in color. Hair color is genetical. Some people is with white color hair and some people with black colored hair and some are with red colored hair. Whatever, It is natural to him what color he acquired genetically. If any deviation happen in color it we may termed as decoloration.


For a certain cause hair should loss its original color.  Age is the major facts of decoloration of hair.

Not only that, From a keen age someone faces the problem of hair decoloration. We also may ve very upset to see that our nice black colored hair is turning into white.


Different physiological problem concerned with such types of hair problem.

Deficiency of proper nutrition significantly responsible for hair decoloration.


Any types of discontunity in blood flow in hair follicle can cause decoloration of hair.

Certain types of food can improve your hair quality in different parameter.

Foods that grow your hair long



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