Online education program on different subjects. Specially, Physics, Chemistry, Cosmology, particle physics is our major part of online education. The education system is with a view to make a learner only to learn, but a major view to enable them to participate in higher level of research. Research is our main objective. Not only the science education will concentrated with blogs, the system will includes different method of education. Besides of these pure science theoretical education, different proffesional education will be included in order to make a learner to become powerful in all fields of education.


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  1. Loved physics, hated classroom chemistry (wouldn’t let us cause explosions!). Was a computer science major with a minor in physics. Long time ago, graduated back in 1995. Got married the day after graduation! Am still married to the love of my life after all these years.

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  2. I concur with Hallenterprises132, I hated chemistry and my best subjects were physics and art. I also love the title of this blog incorporating love with science for it is my belief that only when love is linked with science in every way that we will experience true spiritual science on Earth. Thanks for the follow on Hanukah and the Angel. Love, David


  3. Good luck! I recall my high school physics class as a disappointment – we memorized a lot of equations and I recall answering tests by writing down the symbol for each value given in a problem and picking whatever equation had all those symbols. I got good grades, but enjoyment came from outside the classroom.


  4. Finding the art in science and the science in art is difficult because there is no “a,” no “r” and no “t” embedded. But that is as OK as inorganic chemistry!


    1. Hi ScientificLove,
      Thanks for following my blog. I don’t post as often as I’d should, but when I do, I hope its worth your time. I’d like to hear your thoughts about energy, prayer and physics.
      Thanks again!
      Be well!
      Tim Keim


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