Do you know vitamin E significantly improves skin b¬†explains how vitamin E improves skin quality.   Advertisements

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Strong force

There have four fundamental force in universe Strong force is one of them that binds quarks all togather. It is a fundamental interaction in nature. Particles property is somehow related with strong force. The most common particles property is color. Strong force is strongly associated with color. If particle have no color, then it never […]

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delay gratification is satisfaction in delay

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World rare task to achieve

I think it is too much difficult task in world to achieve in human life. If one say that earning money is a difficult task, I will be ignore it. Because it is not an ultimate level of difficulty in your life. But, it is actually true that earning money is too much difficult. ¬† […]

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Story of rock music

Story of rock music Rock music have a historical background. It is also called rock and roll. Chuck Berry at first invent Rock music in 1955. Chuck Berry was a black inherited people. So, It may say that rock music is originated from black community. But, It is not a music for only black community. […]

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